Donnerstag, 14. April 2016

Continuity with the Coded Movie Maker

Machinima by Ataro Asbrink (atarox on Youtube)
Dancer: Amelia Alt Kendrick
Music: CABEIRI - The 5th Element

The CODED MOVIE MAKER is a tool for making Live Movies in Second Life, a virtual world. It's a HUD (Head-up display). By clicking it, a script runs and you can make the movie and watch it immediately inworld when it's done. You can use it also for making a machinima by recording the Live Movie. If you need perfect continuity for your machinima, this is the tool. The machinima movie here is a recorded Live Movie.
You can have the basic version for free on the Second Life Marketplace. ( ) It's fully functioning. There is also an advanced version for 300 Linden Dollars (1,20 US Dollar), with some additional options for assisting purposes.